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(Named for Artemisia, the wife of the mythological Mausolus)

One species of Artemisia, A. sacrorum, is annual. It is also called Russian Wormwood (Summerfir). The plants grow fully 6 feet tall. The leaves are very finely divided, lacy and are either a deep green or gray. The flowers are very minute, but in mass give a greenish yellow appearance.

Where to Plant. These plants serve as hedges, screens, and backgrounds and as specimens in the garden of annuals. The cut branches blend well mixed with cut flowers, inasmuch as the dainty foliage is serviceable for this purpose.

GENERAL. This is a hardy annual and may be sown as early as desired in Spring. Where the plants self-sow, they are apt to become weedy. Each plant to develop properly needs a space of 18 inches.

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