DIASCIA, Annual Flower Information

DIASCIA, Annual Flower Information


(From the Greek to adorn, refers to the beautiful flowers)

A dainty, little annual, Diascia barberae, is not a very showy flower, but one which will appeal to the true flower lover. The flowers are rosy pink with yellow-green spots in the throat. The flowers are lipped, being related to the Snapdragons, but have two spurs on the lower lips, and are arranged in clustered racemes. It grows one foot tall and resembles Alonsoa, but that genus is not spurred.

USE. M Case writes, “It is a dainty flower for my lady’s finger bowl or to color a vase of white Gypsophila.” It is ideal for the rockery, tiny and there will be a place for it in most gardens.

GENERAL. Sow seeds in September if one can bloom this in the greenhouse, other wise sow in March in a sunny window or hotbed.


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