RESEDA Mignonette, Annual Flower Information

RESEDA Mignonette, Annual Flower Information

RESEDA – Mignonette

(Latin name Reseda means “to calm or appease,” and refers to the fact that the plant was employed by the Romans in treating bruises)

The sweet fragrance of Mignonette, or Little Darling, is a luxury in any garden. “Its sweetness wins all hearts.”

Some of the Mignonettes produce large trusses of bloom 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, while other sorts have much smaller trusses. Generally, the smaller flowered sorts are more fragrant than the giant forms. The flowers are brownish-red or white, and individually are odd in form.

Uses. The fragrance of Mignonette suggests many uses, for it renders any bouquet delightful. As a cut flower, some varieties last fully a week in water. Grown in pots in a sunny window, the flowers are a constant delight.

GENERAL. Sow the seed in the open soil and thin the plants to stand 8 inches apart. The Mignonette is intolerant of being transplanted, and if it must be moved, this should only be done when a ball of moist soil is taken with the seedling. If one wishes to encourage long spikes and long stems, the plants should be disbudded so that only a few shoots are allowed to grow. It is often best to give the plants a dressing of bonemeal early in the season, in order that they may have plenty of plant food available. A watering with liquid manure when in bud is beneficial. Sowing seeds several times during the season will prolong the blooming period.The plants grow best during the cool weather of Spring and Fall, and it is from the Fall plants that the best blooms are obtained. On light soils the fragrance is said to be stronger than on heavy soils, but the growth is not as tall nor are the spikes as long.

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