Ligularia – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Ligularia - Perennial Plant, How to grow


From the Latin ligula, a strap, referring to the strap-shaped ray florets (Cornpositae). A genus of about 80 species of herbaceous perennials, formerly included in Senecio but now placed in their own genus. These handsome members of the daisy family from the temperate zones of the Old World grow best in damp situations. In recent years they have been considerably hybridized and some striking varieties have been obtained.

Species cultivated L. dentata (syn. L. clivorum), 4-5 feet, orange-yellow, July-September, China; cultivars include `Desdemona’, large, heart-shaped leaves with a purple tinge, orange flowers : `Gregynog Gold’, 4 feet, large rounded leaves, orange-yellow flowers in pyramidal spikes; ‘Othello’, leaves veined purple, and large orange flowers. L. x hessei, 5 feet, flowers orange, August-September. L. hodgsonii, 14 feet, rounded leaves, orange-yellow flowers. L. japonica, 3-5 feet, orange-yellow flowers, July, Japan. L. przewalskii, 3-4 feet, stems purple tinged, deeply cut leaves, tapering spikes of small yellow flowers, June and July; `The Rocket’, 5 feet, orange, August, is a cultivar. L. tussilaginea, 1-2 feet, softly

How to grow Ligularia

Ligularia (Ii-gu-lair-ee-a)


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