Septic Systems Cleaner

Flow!TM Bio-Maintenance for Drains and Septic SystemsCleans drains and maintains septic systems without potentially dangerous chemicals If you could take a peek inside your kitchen sink drainpipe, you might see something like the picture on the left–a disaster waiting to happen. Use Flow! to clear slow-running drains. Flow! makes fast work of drain-clogging matter. It also keeps your septic system […]

Slug & Snail Control

Escar-Go!™ Slug & Snail Control Now, nature’s secret slug control is available to home gardeners Escar-Go! lures slugs with a naturally-occurring substance, then kills them within days. Signature Product. Escar-Go! is a unique blend of iron phosphate (it occurs naturally in soil) and a bait that lures slugs and snails away from their hiding places. Repeated studies have shown that […]

Grub-Away parasitic nematodes

Grub-AwayT Nematodes Quickly controls a wide range of destructive garden and lawn pests Grub-Away is easy to use on lawns and gardens. Just mix with water and fill your usual garden sprayer. Only from gardens alive! Grub-Away parasitic nematodes are the effective, non-chemical answer to a wide range of lawn and garden problems! We think they’re one of the best […]


Soap-Shield® Fungicidal SoapAn important breakthrough in natural disease control! With Soap-Shield, you’ll pick fresh tomatoes much later in the season than ever before! Use Soap-Shield against septoria leaf spot, blights and other tough fungal diseases. Signature Product. We’re excited to offer this patented garden fungicide to our customers. Soap-Shield is more effective than its competition and environmentally superior. Here’s why: […]

The Backyard Gardener, Your Prime Garden Source

  Pyola® Insecticidal Spray Canola oil with pyrethrins — an insecticide from plants for plants Destroys all stages of an insect’s life cycle — from eggs to adults! Has a residual repellent effect on mites and other insects Uses only vegetable derivatives, not strong-smelling petroleum distillates Does not persist for long periods in the environment Contains no piperonyl butoxide Pyola […]

Whitefly – How to control

Whitefly Description: : 1/10 to 1/16″ long, milk-white color. When disturbed, the flies flutter about like tiny snowflakes. On houseplants, greenhouse plants, fruits and vegetables, they cause leaves to yellow and dry. Black sooty mold grows on honeydew secretions of whiteflies. Leaves drop early. Solution: Oil-AwayTM Insecticidal Spray provides excellent control, even of the Sweet Potato Whitefly strain. Release Encarsia […]

Apple Scab

Apple Scab Description: The main disease of apples everywhere. Symptoms are scabby fruit, premature fruit drop and leaf infection, followed by early defoliation. The following year, you’ll find reduced fruit bud development and general weakening of the tree. The fungus which causes apple scab overwinters in leaf litter. Spring winds blow spores into the tree canopy, resulting in lesions on […]

Bacterial Brown Spot (Beans)

Bacterial Brown Spot (Beans) Description: Warm temperatures, in the 80°-90°F range, and wet weather favor infection. The disease first shows up as yellow flecks on the leaves, which later turn dark brown. Individual spots are usually irregular in shape and remain fairly small, surrounded by a narrow yellow margin, but lacking a wide yellow halo. Solution: Plant disease-free seed, rotate […]

Scab (Cucurbits) – How to control

Scab (Cucurbits)   Description: Scab is seedborne, and it also survives in the soil. Scab usually develops in warm weather after midseason, when wet weather conditions exist. Spores can spread over long distances when the air is moist. Solution: As with many diseases, it helps to plant cucurbits where other cucurbits have not been planted for at least two years. […]

Scale – Plant, Leaf – How to control

Scale Description: Scales resemble bumpy bark or fine ash on branches of fruit trees and shrubs. Wherever they feed, they cause a reddening of tissue, usually several times the diameter of the scale. On fruit this spot is very obvious. When infested the limbs lose vigor and die, usually in the top of the tree first. The removal of sap […]