Potentilla – Cinquefoil, Five Finger, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Potentilla - Cinquefoil, Five Finger, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Potentilla – Cinquefoil, Five Finger

Potentillas greatly resemble the Strawberry Plant, especially in the manner of growth and the foliage. This is a trailing plant which covers the ground rapidly and sends out roots as it goes along. The flowers are very showy, the colors are very bright, with reds, oranges and yellows predominating. These flowers are both double and single and are borne in great profusion from June to August. The single blooms look like a Buttercup or a Strawberry flower. Potentilla atrosanguinea, a parent of many lovely varieties, has single, rich crimson blossoms. Miss Wilmott is cerise, and William Rollison is a combination of orange and mahogany-red with double flowers. There are a great many varieties, nearly all of which have double flowers.

UTILIZE. Potentillas are most effective when planted in rock gardens where they can.grow over large boulders of rock and need not be thinned out every year. They are excellent to plant in bare places where a good ground covering is needed, for these plants grow rapidly and soon form a thick covering.

GENERAL. These plants should be set about 18 inches apart in any garden soil, but they do best when planted in rich, light, loamy soil. They like exposed places and will need to be thinned out every year. There should be a light mulch of leaves placed over the plants during Winter.

PROPAGATION. Potentillas send out roots along the trailing stems; hence, new plants are very easily obtained by thinning out. They are also easily grown from seed.

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