Rose & Perennial Garden Design for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Rose & Perennial Garden Design for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Whether you have an existing Rose garden or wish to create one for the first time, choosing perennials that will complement the Roses’ color and form is an important consideration. Delphiniums always look great with most Roses. Why? Their strong vertical line is a pleasing contrast to the roundness of both the flowers and form of most Roses, while their many shades of blue are beautiful complements to the yellows, pinks, and reds of the Rose family. Another important function of certain Rose companions is to serve as a “petticoat” for the unlovely base of most rose Rushes. Soft, , mounding perennials such as Artemisia, Dianthus, Stachys, and Lavender fill this need beautifully. The final element is “filler”: a very open, delicate structure that lightly fills the space between other plants. In the Rose garden, tall Artemisias, Caryopteris, Nepeta, and Columbine perform that function while being attractive in their own right. Choose easy-care Roses that are hardy enough for your region and that match the colors in the diagram.

Helpful hints

  • Plant a variety of your favorite antique Roses, or try one of our Groundcover Roses such Rosa White Meidiland or Magic Meidiland.
  • Zone 5 gardeners can substitute the Artemisia’Powis Castle’and Lavandula ‘Hidcote’ for Artemisia pontica and Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland.’
  • Use a posthole digger to make planting a quick and easy task.
  • You can keep your Roses blooming by faithful pinching and pruning of spent blossoms.

rose perennial

a. Alcea ‘single mix’
b. Artemisia powis castle’
c. Aremisia ‘silver brocade’
d. Aster ‘monch’
e. Caryopteris ‘worcester gold’
f. Delphinium ‘casa blanca’
g. Delphinium ‘MF dark blue/ dark bee’
h. Delphinium ‘mf sky blue’
i. Diathus ‘spottii’
j. Digitalis x mertonensis
k. Heliposis ‘summer sun’
l. Heuchera ‘firefly’
m. Iris ‘new hybirds’
n. Lavandula ‘hidcote’
o. Nepta ‘six hills giant’
p. Stachys byzantine
q. Veronica ‘crater lake blue’

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