DATURA Floripondio (Trumpet flower), Annual Flower Information

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DATURA Floripondio (Trumpet flower)

These large-flowered annuals are related to the common Jimson weed. Their flowers are trumpet-shaped, white, purple, or yellow in color, and sometimes 6 inches long. Datura fastuosa (cornucopia) is the common white species. The flowers are often much doubled, in which case they are mere monstrosities. The outside of the petals is frequently washed with an objectionable purple color. The yellow sorts are, no doubt, forms of D. chlorantha, a tender perennial. Both of the above species are delightfully fragrant. The plants grow 9 to 3 feet tall and spread out equally wide.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds indoors in April or in the border in May. Allow each plant 11/2 feet on all sides.

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