TRACHYMENE (Daucus) – Lace flower, Annual Flower Information

TRACHYMENE  (Daucus) -  Lace flower, Annual Flower Information

TRACHYMENE (Daucus) Lace flower

(Name from trachus-rough hymen-a membrane;channels of the fruit)

Some few years ago an old favorite annual given the pleasing name of Lace flower was introduced. It is Trachymene caerulea. It is beautiful but does not always succeed as well as the old standbys. The flower heads are made up of small azure flowers produced in umbels like those of the Wild Carrot. The stems are somewhat hairy and grow 9. feet tall. The plants flower during July and August.

Uses. This flower is better for cutting than for garden ornament, as the plants are not particularly showy in beds. Arranged in a vase with small foliage, the blooms display their charms to advantage. With greenhouse culture it thrives. The hairy stems and leaves catch the dust which gives the plants a shabby appearance.

GENERAL. Successful in cool sections but not thrifty in hot, dry Summers. Sow the seed in pots or flats indoors or in a hotbed in March. Give each plant a foot of space in the garden. The forcing of Lace flower is discussed on .

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