Corydalis – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Corydalis - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Corydalis (kor-e-day-lis)

From the Greek korydalis, a crested lark, a reference to the shape of the flowers (Fumariaceae). Hardy annuals and perennials, widely distributed throughout the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

Perennial species cultivated               

C allenii, 3-4 inches, pink and white flowers, spring.

C. cashmeriana, 6 inches, blue flowers, spring.

C. cheilanthifolia, 10 inches, yellow flowers, summer.

C. halleri (syn. C. solida), 6 inches, purple flowers, spring, tuberous-rooted, native plant.

C. lutea, 1 foot, yellow flowers, spring to autumn, native plant.

C. nobilis, 1 foot,. yellow flowers, early summer.

C. thalictrifolia, 1 foot, yellow flowers, summer.

C. wilsonii, 9 inches, yellow flowers, early summer.


C. sempervirens (syn. C. glauca), 1 feet, pale pink to purple flowers, summer.

Cultivation These plants thrive in ordinary soil in well-drained, sunny positions. Ledges, nooks and crannies in rock gardens and walls are very suitable, as well as borders. Plant perennials in March. Propagate annual species by seed sown in situ during April; perennials by seed at the same period, or by division after flowering; tuberous rooted species by offsets in March.

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