Veronica – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Veronica - Perennial Plant, How to grow

Origin doubtful, possibly named after St Veronica (Scrophulariaceae). Speedwell. A genus of some 300 species ‘ of hardy perennials, annuals and sub-shrubs, mainly from northern temperate regions. Those described are hardy perennials, their flowers often borne in spikes. Dwarf kinds are suitable for the rock garden.

Species cultivated V. agrestis, procumbent speedwell, prostrate, flowers pink, annual weed, Europe including Britain.

V. chamaedrys, germander speedwell, 1-1.5 feet, bright blue, May onwards, Europe including Britain. V. cinerea, 6 inches, leaves grey, flowers pale blue, early summer. V. exaltata, 5 feet, mauve in tall spikes, late summer. V. fruticans (syn. V. saxatilis), rock speedwell, 3 inches, sub-shrub, deep blue with red eye, late summer. V. geritianoides, 2 feet, pale blue in slender spikes, May—June; vars. nana, 1 foot; variegata, leaves variegated,, flowers deeper blue. V. x guthrieana, 3 inches, flowers large, blue, hybrid. V. hederifolia, ivy-leaved speedwell, similar to V. agrestis, Europe including Britain.

V. incana, 1-2 feet, leaves grey, flowers dark blue, summer; var. rosea, pink V. longifolia, 2-4 feet, lilac-blue, late summer; var. subsessilis, royal blue. V. pectinata, 3 inches, mat-forming, leaves grey, flowers deep blue with white eye, May; var. rosea, pink. V. prostrate, 6 inches, creeping, blue, summer; vars, ‘Mrs Holt’, pink; rosea, rosy-pink; ‘Shirley Blue’, deep blue; Trehane’, leaves golden, flowers light blue. V. spicata, 2 feet, bright blue, late summer; vars. alba, white; many varieties in blue, purple, and pink.

V. scutellata, marsh speedwell, creeping, flowers pale blue, pink or white, Europe, North America. V. teucrium, 1-2 feet, lavender-blue, late summer; vars. ‘Blue Fountain’, 2 feet, intense blue; ‘Royal Blue’, 11 feet. V. virginica, 4-5 feet, light blue, late summer; var. alba, white. V. whitleyi, 3-4 inches, tufted, blue with white eye, June to August.

Cultivation Veronicas will grow in ordinary soil and a sunny position. Propagation is by division in August or in spring, or by seed sown in the open in spring in light soil and in part shade.

How to Grow Veronica

Veronica (ver-on-ik-a)

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