Important Facts About Hobby Greenhouses

Important Facts About Hobby Greenhouses

It doesn’t matter if you’re investing in your first-ever greenhouse or have had one for many years. Everyone should know a selection of key facts regarding their greenhouse. A hobby greenhouse is a greenhouse used for gardening projects such as growing your own fruit and vegetables or your favorite selection of flowers. It is often used for preparing upcoming projects, too. One of the greatest benefits of owning a greenhouse is that you can pursue your gardening hobby all year round, giving you plenty of time to practice new things and perfect your skills.

Greenhouse Sizing Is Important

Different-sized greenhouses perform differently, impacting the items you are growing inside. For example, compact, small greenhouses tend to hold warmer air, whereas larger greenhouses will be much cooler and airy. Different plants and produce react differently to certain temperatures and conditions, so consider the type of plants you want to grow as this will help determine which size greenhouse will work best for your gardening projects. Similarly, you can then look at the height of your greenhouse, as for certain plants, a tall space is ideal for them to grow high and tower above the rest, whereas some plants require very little space, and a smaller greenhouse may be more beneficial for them.

Sunlight, Shade and Heat

Growing items in your greenhouse are very different to growing them in the garden. You can do many things to your greenhouse to ensure that your plants receive the right amount of everything throughout the day to keep them healthy and strong. One of the main factors is the sun. Sunlight is required for healthy plants; however, it is not necessary to have direct sunlight throughout the day. Whilst your plants do need substantial sunlight at certain parts of the day, they don’t have to have it all day long. By positioning your greenhouse in the right location, you can control when the sunlight gets to your plants and when they have some shade. This also helps to control the heat within your greenhouse, as the monitored sunlight will help provide substantial heat, yet the shade will then help to cool down the greenhouse when needed.

Keep it Airy

Your greenhouse requires plenty of ventilation to ensure your plants grow to the best of their ability. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy, cramped greenhouse so your greenhouse must have a good ventilation system. Adding shutters to the walls will enable natural air to filter through your greenhouse and keep your plants healthy and robust. You can also increase the carbon dioxide in the greenhouse by using indoor fans, as these will help to filter the air throughout the greenhouse and create as much CO2 as possible.

Clean and Clear

By making sure your greenhouse is clean and open you can help to keep your plants growing at a steady rate. Introducing some durable greenhouse staging will help you to keep your plants at the appropriate height, allowing them to gain the right amount of sunlight throughout the day. You can also keep your greenhouse neat and tidy, which is important to help you with your projects. If you let any items build up against your greenhouse walls, it may stunt your plants growth or limit the amount of sunlight they receive, so try to keep things stored away neatly at a low height.

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    I live where it get very hot and dry in the summer and snows in the winter. Also get plenty of high winds over 55mph. Will a greenhouse work for me?

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