Fruit Trees for the home grounds

Fruit Trees for the home grounds

Even on the smaller home lots, there is usually a place for a few fruit trees. In many cases a small home orchard is possible. In smaller places, fruit trees can be worked in with the landscape planting. As a whole, fruit trees grow rapidly and if well cared for they are tidy and a desirable feature of the landscape

APPLE TREES ARE EASY TO GROW Planted in small orchard plots they should be 35-40 feet apart. However, they may be flanked, and smaller trees such as cherry, plum, peach, or apricot placed between the apple trees as fillers.

The apple tree is the most desirable fruit tree for landscape planting. It can be used at the back or side of the lawn, or even on the open lawn if pruned so the trunk grows up sufficiently high to leave plenty of space underneath. Normally, Apple trees should be pruned with the trunk forking about 4 to 6 feet above the ground to make the branches low hanging.

OTHER TREES Pear, peach, plum, apricot, and cherry trees can be grown in most home orchards. Their use in landscape planting is primarily restricted to background material for lawns or vegetable gardens.

Where space is limited, dwarf trees of various varieties can be planted. Full-sized trees are usually more satisfactory when space allows. It is also possible to train fruit trees to grow against a wall, a high fence, or a trellis and thus have fruit growing on trees trained to grow similar to vines.

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